Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

Review: Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest
Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

This is the review of puppy supplement Review: Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest of it. How good it is, what’s so bad about it, and whether you should buy it.

ProductNutramax Cosequin DS Double-Strength Chewable Tablets.

Pros: Good for joint stiffness. Works well as a painkiller for dogs. Can cure dogs’ pains and limps completely. Easy to feed to dog due to good taste. Works well for dogs of all sizes, ages and types. Treats pains fast.


Cons: Can cause vomiting in dogs. Could cause dehydration if vomiting continues.

All Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects are mentioned at the bottom of this review.

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Review: Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

I am the owner of a Labrador and my dog happens to be 7 years old and I decided to look into Cosequin for dogs side effects. Though I was feeding him well he started limping after a while. I figured something might have been wrong in the food I was providing him with. So I changed his dog food and bought him dog biscuits for additional strength too.

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest 3

None of that worked and I started to worry for him even more. I wanted to help my dog and get him healed fast because it was so painful to watch him walk and whimper from time to time. Sometimes he would whimper too and I couldn’t take him with me when I would go for a walk either. He became inactive and started gaining weight and that would have only made matters worse for him, so I decided to look into Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects

That was when I thought it was time to get him checked. The vet told me that my dog was limping due to a stiffened joint in his leg. Evidently increasing his nutritional intake would not help because this had nothing to do with my dog’s diet or food. This had something to do with my dog’s body from within. This did make sense because it just didn’t make sense for my dog to develop this problem as he seemed perfectly fine with the same diet earlier on.

I thought the only way to heal my dog was surgery or to let him be but the vet told me only to go for those options if medicines didn’t work, even though there were possible Cosequin for dogs side effects. I was more than happy to hear this and I bought Nutramax Cosequin because my vet insisted that I give it a shot. After merely 14 days my Labrador was more active and he had stopped limping completely. Walking became easier for him and he was as active as he ever had been before. He is capable of running and walking long distances with me.

I stopped feeding the medicine to him 2-3 days after he recovered and my dog is perfectly fine now. I was so happy to have discovered the Nutramax Cosequin.

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest 2

How you must administer the medicine to a dog

These tablets can be given to your dog directly seeing as how they are chewable but if you find it difficult to do so, you could just crush it into some dog food. It would be better for you to put it into “soft” dog food as opposed to putting the tablets into dog biscuits. Ensure that you crush it well because if your dog is not used to the taste he might push his food away.

This happened with me twice. So, I crushed the tablet and mixed it in a little water before mixing it with his dog food. He downed his food immediately and never noticed that there was anything different about it. Also, I gave him one tablet a day around lunchtime and it worked well for him.

So, what are the Cosequin for dogs side Effects? Find them below.

Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects 

There were no side-effects to the medicine though my vet told me not to give more than one pill a day to my dog because, in his words, “It DOES say double strength after all and overdoing it could harm him”.

According to the vet the medicine does not agree with some dogs because of which they may start vomiting. I took his advice and the medicine worked well on my dog. Read other customer reviews to find out more on Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and make sure it’s all a-okay.


Conclusion of Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects 

I would definitely recommend the medicine to anyone with a limping dog or one that is experiencing any sort of pain in its joints. It works like magic.

New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar

Review: New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar

New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar

Review: New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar

This is a review of New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar, Remote with Belt-clip,ON/OFF Switch to Send Separate Shock and Vibration Corrections for Humane Bark Control and Behavioral Training, Adjustable Collars Fit All Dog Sizes. Try it yourself!

Pros: Rechargeable receiver. Great for training dog.  Comes with a 6 month warranty. Wide range of up to 300 meters. Shock levels suitable for dogs of all sizes. Easy to assemble.


Cons: Not waterproof. Vibration might not be powerful enough for larger dogs. Dog may have to get used to it or else product wouldn’t be very useful. Collars unscrew themselves from time to time.

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New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar

New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar 3
New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar 3

I own a Labrador and while he’s great company and adorable, it can be difficult to control him because of how adventurous or curious he tends to get. I had heard about products such as these before but I was skeptical about their utility but I was glad to see that this product came with a 6 month warranty. I could always return it if something were wrong with it. So, I went ahead and bought it for my dog. The price was reasonable and I could really use something like this because I didn’t want my dog to get into any danger.

I was happy with the fact that the control could operate over a range as wide as 300 meters. Since the remote control could be recharged I didn’t have to worry about going to store every now and then to get new batteries for it either. I could take my dog out on walks without having to worry about him drifting off on his own and he would know when I wanted him to come back to me. What I was happiest about, though, was that I wouldn’t have to use a leash on him.

I couldn’t enjoy my walks before because I was too busy trying tugging the leash every few minutes but with the Training Shock Collar resolved that issue. The vibration was also strong enough for him to know that I wanted him to turn back and come to me.  I checked the vibrations myself before putting the collar on him and it seemed to be just fine for a dog as big as mine.

Fortunately, I’ve only had to shock him once and that was strong enough to get him to listen to me. He was startled when I shocked him but it had to be done! This was a great way to train him in the long run too because I would have to scold him- he’d just know when I would want him to turn around.

New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar

The Rechargeable Remote Control Training Shock Collar supports various features but here are some features that I liked the most:

Range of 300 meters 

Rechargeable receiver- you just need to plug the receivers in to the wall charger and it should be fully charged within a couple of hours

New Gen Groovypets All Rechargeable Shock Collar 2

3 vibration commands- the remote control comes with V, V1 and V2 vibration commands, V2 being the highest of the three.

2 shock levels in case vibration is not enough- shock levels can be set at High for bigger dogs and Low for smaller ones

The vibrations were powerful enough to get my dog to come back to me. I was worried about having shocking my dog because it did hurt him the only time I’ve had to do it so far. Otherwise, the vibrations have been good enough in my experience. I have never found it easier to train my dog.

There were some issues I had with the collar though. First of all I wish there were more shock levels. The current levels would suffice but they are way too strong for most dogs. With two shock levels there aren’t many options for someone looking to train their dogs unless they’re alright with having to hurt their dogs.

Secondly, the battery drains very fast unless you use it sparingly. I didn’t like having to recharge my battery every few hours but that was only in the beginning. Once my dog was used to the collar I didn’t have to use it as often though.

Conclusion of New Gen Groovypets review

I would definitely recommend dog owners to purchase the New Gen Groovypets® Rechargeable Remote Control Training Shock Collar. The product has proved to be very helpful to me and my dog now knows of his limits. I was skeptical about the product at first but I was happy to see that my money was well-spent.


The only issues you might face in the beginning pertain to getting your dog used to it and the shock levels. Do not resort to ‘shocking’ your dog unless you absolutely have to. The vibrations should be more than enough. As far as the former issue is concerned, just take your dog out on a few walks in the start to test it out. That’s what I did and I was able to get my dog used to the collar after about 8-10 days.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews: Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews

This is an extensive Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews of their Grain Free Dry Dog Food product. We’ll take a look at pros and cons of this puppy food.

Pros:Tastes good. High in protein. Consists of healthy, natural carbohydrates. Made using the best ingredients. Formulated by animal nutritionists. Completely natural. Great alternative for a natural diet. No artificial preservatives.


Cons: Might not agree with a dog’s stomach at first. Could cause vomiting. Expensive. Largest bag is 25 lbs. Dogs tend to become picky.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews

For this Blue Buffalo Wilderness reviews, I tried the puppy food with my own dog. My Labrador is a very picky eater which is why it was so difficult for me to find dog food that he would eat willingly. No matter what I would do he just wouldn’t eat unless he was starving. He would always leave his bowl half-full and that would go to waste the next day. I started worrying more when I saw him lose weight and the vet told me that he was much thinner than he needed to be. His hair was falling and his fur was not as thick as it should have been either. His dislike for the foods that I provided him was affecting his health to the extent that the effects were very visible.

Also I was spending money on all sorts of dog foods and I researched on what to feed him for days. I didn’t mind doing either but I started getting frustrated because nothing seemed to work and my dog really needed to put on weight. I tried taking my friends’ advice but nothing seemed to work until I came across Blue Buffalo on an online forum. Someone seemed to have the same problem as me and so, he suggested that I give Blue Buffalo Wilderness reviews a shot.

I was very pleased that I did so for this Blue Buffalo Wilderness reviews. The very day I bought it, I decided to see how my dog liked it. He ate it all faster than he has ever eaten anything else. He looked at me for more and actually started whimpering and whining when I didn’t do so. I was happy to see that my dog loved this dog food. I don’t think I ever realized how much of an appetite he had and this was primarily because he had never really eaten much in front of me before.

Why I ordered the Blue Buffalo Wilderness?

I was glad to see that I had to pay no shipping costs and that was when I decided upon ordering it. I was just as happy to have received it a few days after I placed my order.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Vs Other dog foods

I attempted to feed other products to my Labrador but he has never taken an interest in any dog food before. He only ate when he felt he absolutely had to do so though he mostly relied on dog biscuits throughout the day.

Before the Blue Buffalo Wilderness reviews, I tried feeding him Orijen but I was not too comfortable with the idea of giving my dog something that was so high in protein. He also seemed to be allergic to some ingredient in the dog food and so, my vet suggested that I look for better alternatives.

Acana was another good food product and while my dog ate it somewhat fondly, his feces were quite smelly and he still had fleas which just wouldn’t go away. I still had to give him his flea medicine. His energy levels improved to an extent but he wasn’t too energetic. There were times when he didn’t finish his food.

Fortunately my dog took an instant liking to Blue Buffalo. He ate it within a few minutes and now, he has his lunch and breakfast on time. Earlier on he would ‘binge’ on biscuits because he would still be hungry but this wasn’t an issue any longer.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews

As far as my dog’s fur was concerned, though Acana seemed to work for him I wanted to find something that he would actually really want to eat. What I loved about Blue Buffalo Wilderness reviews is that it was the perfect dog food for my Labrador because it has everything that I was looking for. My dog’s appetite improved and there was a remarkable change in the appearance of his hair. Now, he has thick and glossy hair.

I feared Blue Buffalo wilderness reviews would trigger some sort of a skin allergy but that never happened either. Today he is full of energy and always wants to play or he comes with me whenever I go to jog. My dog’s feces are firm and they aren’t as smelly as they used to be and he has no fleas now.

Conclusion of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Reviews

There were only two issues I had with Blue Buffalo was that it’s price, I felt, was too high. Secondly, my dog became a picky eater. He only eats Blue Buffalo now.


I would recommend any dog owner to purchase the Blue Buffalo despite its drawbacks. It tastes great and your dog would eat it fondly. 

Acana Dog Food Reviews Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Acana Dog Food Reviews: Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Acana Dog Food Reviews Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Acana Dog Food Reviews

This is Acana Dog Food Reviews or their Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food product. We’ll evaluated whether you should buy it or not, including pros and cons of the product.

Pros: High nutritional value. High proteins and moderate carbohydrates. Great for growing puppies and dogs. No side-effects. Dogs love the taste. Healthy and energizing for dogs. Good for weight loss or weight gain and maintenance.


Cons: Can be very addictive for dogs. Dogs might become addicted to the point that they don’t wish to eat any other food. Costlier than other types of dog food. Might not last too long.

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Acana Dog Food Reviews: Wild Prairie

I own two dogs- a female and a male Labrador. As you know Labradors are big and they tend to have big appetites too. While I didn’t mind spending money on their food on a weekly basis, I would get annoyed when one of them would leave their food. They only ate when they needed to but neither of the two was too keen to eat. There were times when they would have left their bowls completely and they would only munch on the biscuits instead until I would try and encourage them to eat. Now, let’s continue with Acana dog food reviews.

A couple of times they even pushed their bowls away as if to say “Why would you want to torture me with this?!” At first I didn’t really mind but when I noticed that both dogs looked a lot thinner than they needed to be that I started getting worried. The female dog actually started looking malnourished and so, I went to the store and got some Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for my dogs instead.

They were new to the taste but they loved it. For once they were actually eating well. There were times when either dog would eat from the other’s bowl. I was so happy to see both dogs gaining weight again and they were punctual about their food. They would start whimpering even if I got a few minutes late. In fact, there were times when they would look around for the food on their own and I had to hide the food because they would get excited whenever they would see it lying around.

How Acana dog food reviews compares

In this Acana dog food reviews I tried giving my dogs other foods such as Orijen but both dogs were allergic to some ingredient. I switched to California Natural but they were not able to digest it well. I also gave Organics a try but neither dog seemed to like this either. I got tired of switching from one dog food to the other.

Acana was a lot better than any of the 3 mentioned above. My dogs were able to digest it very well and neither of the two was allergic to any ingredients in their food. I’ve been feeding Acana to my dogs for a while now and they seem to be doing very well. They are active and much more energetic than they were when they were eating Orijen, Organics or California Natural.

Noticeable changes in my dogs’ health after Acana dog food

My dogs are now healthy and fit. They are always ready to go out and play or to go on a walk with me. Their bowel movements were regular and once they had eaten their food, they were content and full. They look forward to their dinner and lunch. Their digestive systems have improved and their feces are much firmer than they were with other dog foods, and for Acana dog food reviews.

I tried doubling the amount of food I was giving them some days but I was told, by my vet, that it would be wise to give my dogs this specific dog food in smaller amounts due to its high nutritional value. Feeding them any more could (and did) make them gain weight for this Acana dog food reviews.

Visible changes in both dogs

Initially, my dogs were shedding a lot more hair than they should have. I’d always find some hair stuck to cushions in my house. This was also a problem when I bathed them because I could see some of their hair in my sink. I felt something was wrong with the shampoo was using but switching shampoos didn’t prove to be a good idea. Their hair was dull despite the fact that I would bathe them and brush their fur very often.

However, when I switched over to Acana, their hair was glossy and thick. The quality of the hair improved too. I suppose that this is primarily due to the fact that this dog food is high in protein.

What to watch out for in Acana Wild Prairie

As was mentioned previously, do keep a watch on how much Acana you give them. I increased the amount of food they were taking in the winters and then, I’d reduce the quantity when summers were around the corner.

Also, if your dog isn’t already a picky eater this will make him/her a picky eater. My dogs refuse to eat anything apart from Acana and this can be a problem for me because they always whine even after lunch or dinner.


Conclusion of Acana dog food reviews

This ends our Acana dog food reviews. Would I call this specific dog food one of the best food products out there? Yes, I would. I have had no issues with Acana and my dogs love it too.

3 Tips for Slashing Dog Food Prices When Shopping

3 Tips for Slashing Dog Food Prices When Shopping

We, people, often worry about consuming fresh and healthy edibles, but making sure that your dog is being fed with quality and healthy food choices is just as important. Unfortunately, buying healthy dog food brings a little cha-ching weight on our pockets and, therefore, we are forced to monitor dog food prices and find the best deals out there.

You probably don’t want to go broke in the process of trying to feed your dog; you already haveother pet products to spend your money on.

Some dog foods truly are overly expensive though, and even the cheap brands can add up quickly. But by keeping a few things in mind for saving money on dog food prices, you can save a bit of cash while still making sure that your furry friends are happy, healthy and well-fed.

If you’re looking for the best value for the price, I would suggest taking a look at Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food list — that might give you some idea what kinds of quality products are out there.

Tips for Slashing Dog Food Prices

If you have been a dog owner for a while now, it’s likely that you already know that not only all kinds of dogs supplies but even simple dog foods can range significantly in cost. Two most popular options are, 1) extraordinarily cheap brands that come in huge bags, or 2) tiniest boxes of costly (and not always premium) dog food that you will spend a fortune on.

The best deal on dog food should offer a great value for the money. However, this doesn’t mean that you should always opt-in the absolute cheapest item in the store. With the type of brands that don’t offer a lot of nutrition, your dog could wind up eating a lot more without getting all the macro and micro-nutrients that he/she needs, so it’s a double loss right there. That’s why it’s best to always compare prices and ingredients in the foods that you choose for your dog.

How to reduce dog food prices?

1. Canned or moist dog food can be much more costly than dry food. And dry food can be better for your dog’s teeth.

It is not such a bad idea to make the switch to a dry kibble if you haven’t already. Unfortunately, if you’re too late to the party and your dog has already been feasting on canned foods for quite some time, it will be more difficult to adjust their taste buds. When doing so, consider mixing the two types for a few weeks to help get your dog adjusted to the change more easily.

2. Obviously, you can always reduce your dog food prices by buying larger bags of dog food instead of smaller ones.

When kept properly sealed, the food will stay fresh for quite a while, and it’s a sure thing that your dog will eat it all eventually. Even though you might have to spend a little more out of the pocket in the beginning, you will generally pay much less per ounce when buying large bags.

Also, before buying a bag of dog food, assess all of your options. You can look at sales flyers for your local store or online to find the best dog food prices of your dog’s favorite brand. You might be surprised that two competing stores in your area offer completely different prices for their dog food, even if it’s of the same brand. By doing a couple of minutes’ worth of research, however, you can find out where the best deals are.

3. Lastly, consider stocking up on dog food when you find the lowest dog food prices, either on sale or in a reduced section in supermarkets. Just grab it all, it will last a long time anyway!

In some cases, you can save a lot by shopping during sales and using coupons, and you should consider buying several bags when you can get the lowest possible price. Don’t be one of those people afraid to spend more at once; it will pay off eventually and then. You won’t have to worry about going out and buying dog food too often, and you won’t have to pay full price for the kibble for quite a while.

Best Dog Food for Puppies: What to Choose?

Best Dog Food for Puppies What to Choose

Okay, here’s my commercial-like pitch: When you bring home a puppy, you want to give this new addition to your family the best start in life. In order to avoid skin, bone, teeth, fur and a myriad of other health problems, proper care and feeding is a must. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to determine the healthiest food that will provide a growing puppy with all of the nutrition it requires. I will now try to list a few things you should keep in mind when choosing the best dog food for puppies.

Best Dog Food for Puppies

* This will be a multi-part article. Look out for more of them coming in the next few weeks.

Real food versus fillers

Experts agree on one thing: the more real meat and vegetables your puppy food contains, the better it will be for him or her.

Many inexpensive dog food brands contain fillers and byproducts that we would not want to eat. So, why feed that to your puppy? Food is one of the most important things when it comes to investing in your little pet, and you must avoid cutting costs in this area. A growing dog needs good nutrition, and this is where you get what you pay for.

Spending a little extra to give your puppy a better brand of food is absolutely worth it. Not only are the ingredients healthier, but there are much less preservatives and unpleasant extras which you can find in cheaper brands that do nothing for the pup’s nutritional needs. Simply put, your puppy’s growth and development can be seriously affected by inferior food.

If you’re searching to buy something online (which is the most convenient and cheapest option), I suggest you to check out my list of Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food options. Okay, next.

Ingredients to look for

Real meats is of course the first ingredient you should focus on. Dogs are still animals, regardless of the fact that they are the first domesticated pet. They need meet, they need protein.

On the list of ingredients, look for things like salmon, chicken, and lamb, along with peas, carrots, greens, and eggs. Not only do these types of dog foods taste better to puppies, but they are more filling in the long run.

Try to avoid puppy foods that are mostly corn, wheat, and other grains. While foods with marginal amounts of these things are not completely terrible, you want to try to avoid them when possible. That’s why five options on my list of the best dog food for puppies are all grain-free.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that similarly like when you shop for yourself or your family, you must read the labels on bags of puppy food. The best puppy foods will be high in protein and contain adequate amounts of calcium to keep a growing dog in prime shape. These are same things a growing human child would need.

Crunchy or soft food

The strength of your puppy’s teeth is extremely important. Providing them with too much soft food at an early age leads to tooth decay and tartar build up. It is much wiser to feed them a crunchy, kibble-like, dry food than anything soft out of a can. Again, you’ll find that most of best dog foods are actually dry kibble.

Be sure to select the one specially formulated for puppies as their nutritional requirements are different from older dogs. Also, find a food that is made for your particular puppy’s size and breed — some of those products aren’t good for dogs over 1 year old or certain size/weight.

Lastly, one other little known fact is that there are more vitamins and minerals in dry food than in the soft stuff, making it a much better choice.

Finding the best dog food for puppies is not very difficult if you keep these few pointers in mind. To make this job even easier, see the recommendations on this website, then go to Amazon and check out the reviews from people who already bought the product.

If you try your best to avoid skimping on a few dollars, your puppy will enjoy dinnertime much more, and you will have many years of quality time with your new (or old) friend. Love your dog!

Best Dog Food for Small Breeds

Best Dog Food for Small Breeds

The best dog food for small breeds is often defined by the needs of each pet.

Selection of the type of quality food for small dogs may vary based on health concerns for each pet, but there are some common guidelines that can make the selection process easier. It is also important for you to consider that in general, the nutritional needs of small breeds will differ from that of their larger canine counterparts, so buying dog food is literally not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Best Dog Food for Small Breeds

Learning what is the absolute best stuff for your little ones to consume is easy. Similarly to what I have said about puppy food a couple of weeks back, it’s all about three things — ingredients, type and the proper selection for your dog. Not every good dog food will be appropriate for your small breed, so make sure you know your stuff when it comes to this.

Understanding the quality of the ingredients

While labels on foods for humans are becoming increasingly visible and more detailed because the law requires so, pet food labels have not universally caught up. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough attention drawn to this problem yet, therefore, there’s way too much food for dogs available that’s of poor quality or even completely inappropriate. Even some so-called healthy brands may not be as natural as they appear.

On the other hand, there are several highly rated brands (see some of them here) which have a dedicated a formula to small breeds, including the highly rated and reasonably priced Wellness Complete Health, which offers several small breed varieties.

There are also lesser known brands which offer organic lines, like AvoDerm Natural variety. Although, in my personal experience, I’d go for the Wellness brand as dogs love that kibble.

Regardless of the brand name, the question to ask is – are they natural and safe while also providing optimal nutrition for my pet? A tip: One easy way to evaluate the product is to look at the first two ingredients on the list as an indication of the quality.

Pairing the food to age of the dog

The already mentioned Wellness line, for example (which really is my favorite, and no, I’m not getting paid for promoting them), offers not only best dog food for small breeds, but age specific formulas as well.

There are certain puppy formulas, adult health choices and senior choices available for both average sized canines and options dedicated to so called toy breeds. Since the dog’s nutritional needs will vary over time, it can be important to find a brand that not only carries formulas for small dogs, but has flexible menus that adjust over the years of the dog’s life.

Deciding on wet or dry varieties

Before making the switch to a new food type, make sure you are not changing from wet to dry foods or vice versa, if you want an even comparison. Some dogs have an easier time with wet/canned foods, or have become accustomed to eating that and may be standoffish to trying not just a new brand, but a new formula altogether.

With so many dog products on the market being loaded with fillers and low quality ingredients, it is important to find a brand that offers the best formula for your pet’s needs and provides the peace of mind that you are feeding them something safe and healthy. With a little research you yourself can easily find the best dog food for small breeds that can become part of your pet’s diet.

I will be writing another, more extensive and better researched article on this topic sometime in the near future that will include vet’s opinion of various dog food ingredients. Stay tuned in for more, and as always – love your dog!