Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food Review

I own a 2-year old Beagle, Sophie. A while ago, she had stopped taking any interest in the kibble I was feeding her — I guess dogs also get tired of certain types of food, go figure. I took her to the vet and I was told that everything was a-okay with Sophie, and maybe I should change her diet. I did, and for the first time I went with Taste of the Wild dry dog food based on reviews. But let’s not jump ahead too quickly.


I’m going to backtrack a little to give you more details on what was going on with Sophie. My problem was mostly because she was eating far less than she used to and the impact of her reduced appetite had become obvious to me. She had become quite lethargic now and it seemed that her weight was fluctuating, although I did not weigh her.

Obviously I wanted my dog to be the same energetic, playful dog that I knew her to be. At that point, the vet told me that she wasn’t suffering from any diseases or illnesses. She was healthy physically (except for the fact that she could lose a few pounds) but her temperament itself had changed a lot; she turned into English Bulldog.


At this point I figured that it has to be my dog’s food and decided to try out a new diet for her.

I looked for different types of dog foods and went through various forums online. I had asked several owners if they had faced similar issues. I also inquired them about their take on various dog foods. Then, I searched through Amazon. After my research, it seemed that Taste of the Wild dry dog food products were the most popular and unanimously positively reviewed option.

This seemed to be a promising product and people were raving about its quality online. Naturally, as I’m a hype-driven person, I wanted to see what the big deal was and so I bought two 30-pound hi prairie canine formula bags with roasted bison and venison for Sophie to snack on.

I always pay very close attention to ingredients, customer reviews and also other products a company has to offer when determining whether or not I should buy something for my pet. In my opinion, when a company offers way too many things, it might not be great in one particular area, but this wasn’t the case.

Key benefits of Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

  • Very highly customer-rated dog food product on Amazon.
  • High in protein: Dogs are carnivores, and they need meat. The higher protein percentage in the product, the better. Additionally, after a prolonged period of time, I noticed an improvement in my dog’s fur. It is slightly thicker than it has ever been before.
  • Suitable for all dogs: Any dog of any breed or size would benefit can consume this kibble.
  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants are beneficial to dogs just as they are to us and Taste of the Wild is full of them. My dog is much more active and playful than she used to be.
  • Contains real, roasted meat: My dog is addicted to this particular brand because it tastes like real meat. It seems to be delicious to her and the best part is that my dog’s breath doesn’t smell as bad as it used to as well.
  • Grain-free: I loved the fact that the product doesn’t consist of any grains. Dogs don’t need them!
  • Affordable: Actually, not that high in price. I was surprised to see that the 30 lbs bag was so decently priced, as I I expected it to cost a fortune based on all the hype and reviews found online.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Due to vitamins and high fiber content, Sophie’s number-two have never been so consistent and firm. I am also glad that she gets to enjoy the benefits of fruits. She digests it easily and her bowel movements are far more regular.
  • High quality: Premium quality ingredients.
  • Improves immune system: I can’t vouch for this myself as I haven’t used the kibble for that long, but apparently, it should improve your dog’s immune system as some other reviewers pointed out. We’ll see, fingers crossed.

Nutrition of Taste of the Wild kibble

Taste-of-the-Wild-Dry-Dog-Food-Review (1)

The product that I chose to review here is Taste of the Wild high prairie canine formula with bison and roasted venison.

Protein: 32% Minimum, Fat: 18% Minimum
Calcium: 2.1%, as-fed; Phosphorus: 1.4%, as-fed
Calories: 3,719 kcal/kg (370 kcal/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy

Ingredients: Bison, lamb meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, canola oil, egg product, beef, roasted venison, natural flavor, tomato pomace, potato protein, pea protein, ocean fish meal, salt, choline chloride, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, yucca schidigera extract, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus reuteri, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin D supplement, folic acid.

Taste of the Wild’s High Prairie Canine Formula is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Feeding guidelines


Review of Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

As I’ve pointed out in the beginning of this review, I had tried feeding my Beagle Sophie various types of dog foods. She never really liked them as much. She would eat half-heartedly and then walk away. I would have to ask her (read: make her) to finish her food and if that didn’t work, I’d be forced to give her treats. But as any dog owner knows, biscuits can only be a temporary solution, and not a good one at that either. Sophie had started to gain weight and she had become very lethargic over the weeks, too.

I know that blueberries and raspberries are packed with antioxidants, and so I loved the fact that Taste of the Wild had used these ingredients in their products. This could be the reason why other dog owners noticed an improvement in their pup’s immune system, but who knows.

I also liked that the hi prairie canine formula was high in proteins and low in fats. After about 2 months, Sophie has finally started losing fat. However, not only has Sophie’s weight returned to normal, she is a lot more active, too. I started taking her on runs with me occasionally.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sophie’s fur had become a lot shinier than it was before. It has never looked this healthy. It’s far more voluminous and the best part is that the shine is always there. Granted, she doesn’t have a lot of it, but it’s still clearly visible. Bowel movements have also improved and her feces are firm and consistent on a daily basis.

Amazon rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

For more specific questions, try the Q&A section on this product’s Amazon page.

D. Eberhardt’s review (Read the full review): “I have the lazy couch potato dog that the first reviewer described. An overweight black lab adult female who is quite lazy. Switching foods from Purina to TOTW Bison, and not measuring daily feedings, and feeding her as she pleases, she has more energy, is more playful, and has already lost 10lbs. and…” 5 out of 5

Eric’s review (Read the full review): “First of all I would like to say that my puppy LOVES this food! I have a 4 month old Lhasa Apso and he licks his bowl well after he has finished eating. When I first got him the breeder had him on Purina Puppy Chow. The first thing I wanted to do was…” 5 out of 5

AmieO’s review (Read the full review): “Ok I myself don’t love it because I have yet to taste it, but both my dogs look forward to it like nobody’s business. We have one girl that gets ear infections with any sort of grain inclusive dog food and as much as I love my dogs, spending $65 on 20lbs of food is just not in my budget. Taste of the Wild fits in perfectly! I have…” 5 out of 5


What to consider before buying

While Taste of the Wild dry dog food should be very beneficial for your dog in several ways, there is one side effect any dog owner should consider before purchasing it.

Can be addictive! Yes, that’s true — there were times when I had to hide the product from Sophie because she was so fond of it. She would nudge at me to give it to her whenever she’d see me standing next to it in the kitchen.

AllergiesDo check the ingredients list before feeding this product to your dog. Grain-free products might consist of other ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction for your pup, so make sure that doesn’t happen.


 Conclusion of Taste of the Wild review

Overall, I love the effect that this product has on Sophie. Her health has improved and she is a lot more active than she has been in a long time.


The hi prairie canine formula has high meat content which means that it is rich in protein. The antioxidants and high fiber content take care of bacteria, toxins and waste material building up in your dog’s system. It consists of high quality ingredients and you won’t have to worry about any grain-induced allergies either.

The only con to the product is that your dog will want more. Other than that, there was nothing that I didn’t like about the product. My canine seems to think that it tastes great and it definitely packs everything a dog needs to be and look healthy. It’s also affordable for the quality that manufacturer offers.


Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats Review: How Are They?

Back when I was backpacking across Himalayas, in the middle of my climb on Mount Everest, I noticed that my dog could use a quick snack, so I got Zuke’s out and… No, that’s not what happened, although I wish that would’ve been the truth. In reality, my Jack Russell is an extremely active pet, so occasionally I’d like to give him healthy treats in between meals as a quick reward for doing something. Those are Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats.


I discovered Zukes dog treats after I started training Sammy, my Jack Russell Terrier. They can quite possibly be the most perfect dog training treats: healthy, delicious, perfect size, no side effects, and dogs will do absolutely anything for one piece of this tasty dog’s heaven.

Now, before we go any further, let me say that Zuke’s are currently the most popular dog training treats out there. And for a very good reason!


I would like to start off the research with the company’s profile - Zuke’s Treats - because I truly believe that while this is still a business of making money, people involved are truly making a difference with setting up various Dog and Cat Cancer Funds and otherwise supporting the pet community.

Manufacturer: Zuke’s Treats

Out of love and respect for the company, we begin with a little history.


During a hike in 1995 (this time for real), Patrick Meiering realized that his dog Zuke was looking a little tired. He broke off a piece of his energy bar and tossed it to Zuke, and Zuke perked up almost instantly. That’s when it hit Patrick that pets need healthy, all-natural treats just like we do.

Patrick realized that when he himself ate junk food that had little to no nutritional value, he usually didn’t have enough energy. When he made healthier choices and ate more natural foods, he felt a whole lot more energetic and just better in general. This sounds old news today, but wasn’t like that back in 1995.

It has been an essential part of the Zuke’s philosophy ever since – to formulate their treats with only natural ingredients that provide the specific nutrients that our pets need. They offer a healthier option for pets as well as focusing on the energy they need to keep up with us.

Zuke’s is an American company based out of Durango, Colorado, with almost all USA sourced grains, meats, vegetables and fruits. For more details on where does the company get the produce from, their human grade policy and whether they had any dog food recalls, see our Q&A section below in this review with answers directly from Zuke’s themselves.

Key Specifications of Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

  • #1 Best Seller: 1,500 positive reviews on Amazon!
  • The most perfect, low-cal, healthy treat for dog training.
  • Made in the USA: Meats, fruits, grains and veggies sourced in the US, too.
  • Completely healthy: No artificial colors, flavors or by-products.
  • Includes wholefood anti-oxidants: and no wheat, corn or soy.
  • Delicious: Dogs love the taste and the semi-moist texture.
  • 4 great flavors: Chicken, Peanut Butter, Salmon and Wild Rabbit.
  • Low cal: Less than 3.5 calories per treat.
  • No added sugar or sweeteners: Perfect for diabetic dogs.
  • Suitable for puppies: or any other dog of any age and any breed.

Full Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats Review


Zukes dog treats have been part of my canine’s diet for a long time. In the past, I’ve tried (or rather my dog did) a variety of different Zuke dog treats, but the favorite ones are by far Zuke’s Hip Action and Mini Naturals. I’m going to focus on the latter today, as I already feel like an expert of this particular dog product.

There is no real story behind how we started buying Zuke’s treats regularly. I discovered them one day on Amazon, did my research, read customer reviews and after making my first 4-pound bag purchase (the smaller ones aren’t worth it, in my opinion), me and Sammy haven’t looked back since. Now with The4thFrenzy.com focusing more on dog food analysis, I’m sure I’ll get a chance to write other Zukes dog treats reviews for you guys.

There’s also not that much to say about them from the technical standpoint. All I know is that they work, my dogs love them, they really are healthy and worth the price. I will try to sum this up nicely for you in the next two paragraphs.

Zuke’s mini naturals dog treats have a semi-moist texture that dogs really love. They are made without the use of artificial flavors, colors or any by-products. They also contain wholefood antioxidants to help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutrient-rich turmeric, rosemary and cherries. One treat comes with less than 3.5 calories, which helps your dog sustain a healthy weight.

You can choose out of four different flavors, and every Zuke dog treat will be packed with the taste of real salmon, peanut butter, chicken, or New Zealand’s wild rabbit. I mostly use Chicken ones, although other dog owners report Peanut Butter being the most liked. Treats themselves are about as big as a pea; they are soft and moist.

Now with that introduction out of the way, let’s focus on what matters.


If you take a look at the ingredients list of Zuke’s treats down below in this review, you’ll notice that compared to other dog treats, Zuke’s actually have less stuff in their product. Those are mostly natural ingredients which are always a better choice as opposed to regular dry biscuits full of grains and other fillers.

I’m sure the benefits of feeding your dog a natural diet don’t need to be mentioned for the 100th time, but dog owners report improvement in their dog’s coat, skin and digestion. This is expected, as some of the most common allergy issues in dogs are associated with grains-based diets.

Allergies can manifest in strange ways including ear infections and respiratory problems. The all-natural stuff like Zukes dog treats can aid in the effort to help keep your dog’s coat shiny and beautiful while also making sure they have a non-itchy, problem-free skin. Feeding your dog natural treats may also help with digestive issues like gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

Supposedly – just like with all the Paleo diet craze for humans – natural diets provide food for dogs that is similar to what an animal would eat in the wild. That means wild dogs would need to catch prey in order to feed themselves.

In that scenario, the prey would not be filled with wheat, or corn, or any other one of the many number of fillers that typical dry dog biscuits are made of. It would be filled with real meat and nutrients that the dogs need to survive. Likewise, a natural diet, including natural treats like Zuke’s, will provide your dog with the nutrients they need and not just stuff to fill them up. You do get what you pay for! 

Another positive aspect of these particular treats, in my opinion, is that they are small enough to be used several times a day without giving your pet a calorie overload. Because they are only 3.5 calories each, they are great treats to use for training your dog.

Nowadays, they often serve me as an excellent choice for reinforcing Sammy’s good behavior or any other time that I may need to feed my canine numerous treats in a short amount of time.



There are no real negative sides to these treats; however, one can be picky about the fact that they dry out very quickly if you don’t store them as suggested. If you do let them dry out, they become crumbly and dogs don’t seem to like them quite as much (mine still does).

There’s a solution to dried out treats though, which I point out below. But first, here is how you can prevent them from drying out in the first place.

To prevent drying, follow the instructions. If you keep them in the resealable bag that they come in and follow the directions, they will stay fresh for quite a while. In fact, they will most likely be gone by the time they begin to get dry. But as long as you make sure the bag has got a good seal and you press the air out before sealing it, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.

If your Zukes dog treats got dry, here’s what you can do. As soon as you see them getting dry, take a small piece of paper towel. Soak it in water for a second and then squeeze all the water out so that the piece of paper towel is moist. Drop that moist paper towel into the bag, push out all the air out, and reseal the bag. This will solve the problem, but you’ll have to change the paper towel after a while.

Q&A with Zuke’s

This Q&A has been taken by one of Amazon’s Top 100 reviewers, Ciaran; here is the original source.

Q: Your treats are made in the USA, but are the ingredients ever sourced overseas?

A: We are still a “Made in the United States” company, with all of our meats, fruit and vegetables sourced from the USA (with the exception of the Wild Rabbit and Venison, both of which come from New Zealand). Our Salmon is Pacific Wild Caught whenever available and USA farmed (Pacific Coast) when Wild Caught is not an option. Our ingredients are all grown, processed and packaged in America. I would like to assure you that we here at Zuke’s would never put anything harmful into our treats. Our pets are our family, and we treat them as such!

Q: You have done a great job at not being part of recent recalls – do you have a recall history?

A: Our company has been in business since the year of 1995, and has never had a single recall because of the methods we use to test our products. We test them throughout manufacturing and then  do another one, final test before packaging it. All the treats are then packaged and sit in the warehouse until the test results return from the lab confirming their safety. Only after we receive the green light do our products get shipped. I would like to assure you that we here at Zuke’s take our treats very seriously.

Q: Could you tell me a little bit more about your meat content? I know it’s not human-grade, but what specific inspections are made by the FDA for the meat content?

A: All of our meats come from facilities inspected (and regulated) by USDA. The meat is handled the exact same way meats for human consumption are being handled. It is shipped in frozen blocks to our manufacturer and is kept frozen until our product is produced. New Zealand’s wild rabbit and venison are inspected at the port of entry.

Amazon customers rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

The product is currently the #1 best selling dog treat on Amazon. Check out almost 1,500 raving customer reviews on their Amazon page.

“Good treats!” (read the full review): “Our puppy loves these little treats! They are small enough to give him a few at a time, but I like to cut them up even smaller and use them for training. They are tiny as is (about the size of a pencil eraser), but can easily be cut into quarters for reward-based training…” 5 out of 5

“My dog Bobby loves these treats” (read the full review): “When my dog is happy, I’m happy :) As a pet owner, I feel comforting that it’s made in the USA. In addition, it’s important to me that the meat grade is handled like for human consumption and that this company is NOT part of any recalls. That is good enough for me and I can feed my dog with a peace of mind. I want my buddy…” 5 out of 5

“My sheltie love these treats” (read the full review): “My 30 lb shetland sheepdog is picky. She’s fed a high-quality food, and she only gets the best treats. No “doggie junk food” to be had in our household, no corn, no by-products, no treats pressed and colored to look like mini T-bone steaks (unfortunately, I don’t eat as well as she does…. Doritos can pass as a meal for me). She’s been known to spit out treats that didn’t meet her standards…” 5 out of 5


Nutrition of Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats

Real meat is always the number #1 ingredient in Mini Naturals treats, with other ingredients being wholefoods and antioxidants. The list excludes all artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, by-products, sugars, sweeteners, corn, wheat and soy. This is the ultimate healthy treat for your pet which is also surprisingly tasty.


Ingredients: (Wild Rabbit, Pork, Duck, Salmon, Peanut Butter, or Chicken), Ground Rice, Ground Barley, Malted Barley, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Tapioca, Natural Flavors, Cherries, Sunflower Oil, Lecithin, Salt, Phosphoric Acid, Rosemary, Turmeric, Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Mixed Tocopherols.

Calories: Duck– 3.0 kcal per treat, Pork– 3.0 kcal per treat, Wild Rabbit – 2.81 kcal per treat, Salmon – 2.87 kcal per treat, Peanut Butter – 3.13 kcal per treat, Chicken – 3.19 kcal per treat.

Feeding guidelines: To be fed to pets as a healthy treat, perfect for dog training. Do not substitute treats for a healthy diet.

Guaranteed dog food analysis (for Chicken flavor): Crude Protein – 15% min, Crude Fat – 8% min, Crude Fiber – 2% max, Moisture – 30% max.

Contains no sugar – good for diabetics! I don’t think Zuke’s are manufacturing any products specifically for dogs with diabetes, but Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats in particular contain absolutely no added sugar and are only 3.5 calories per treat. This sounds like the stuff for diabetic dogs, and Zuke’s themselves confirmed that these would be very suitable in such cases.

Quick answers about Zukes dog treats


If they are so natural, how are they being preserved? All of Zukes dog treats are being preserved naturally, using salt, sorbic and phosphoric acids. Salt is used as a natural substitute for chemicals that are normally on the ingredients list of other, regular dog treats. Without it, the treats would get moldy. Keep in mind that a little salt is not harmful for dogs and in fact is part of a well-balanced pet diet.

How should you store them? There’s no need to refrigerate Zuke dog treats. If you put them in the refrigerator, condensation that will accumulate inside of the bag due to temperature change will in fact ruin the treats and they will spoil quicker. Store the bag in a dry, dark place in room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Make sure to let all the air out before sealing the bag.

How long is the shelf life? If you didn’t open the bag yet, these treats should last about 2 years, which is their shelf life. The “Best By” date is always included on the bag. But will your dog allow this stuff to last that long?

Are they good for bigger breeds? One thing to remember is that during training, dogs usually don’t care about the amount you give them. It’s all about the actual gesture of giving a treat for an action performed. So regardless of your dog’s size, these will work great!

VIDEO: Taste test of Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats

Kirby, the dog in the video, apparently was very impressed with Zukes dog treats. There was a press conference afterwards where Kirby shared his/her ideas on how to improve the treats even further, but due to foul language used by the dog, the video was cut short.


So are they worth it?

If you haven’t picked up on the vibe of this review, then let me tell you in secret - Zukes dog treats in general are great, and whichever product from their shelf you decide to go with, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. I’m still a big fan of the company, and so is Sammy.


To me, the biggest selling point of this dog product is that I hate looking at a package of dog food and see a list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce and have no idea what they are or what they are used for. Usually, these aren’t something you want your dog to consume. Reading down through the list of ingredients of Zuke’s stuff takes no time (see above) and you’re able to understand everything that’s in it.

In terms of Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats, they can easily be the ultimate dog training treat and definitely one of the best treats in general. Yes, I used to recommend them and still do to all of my friends and other dog owners that I run into. You can try the smaller bag, but ultimately, I would advise to get the 4-pound bag for the peace of mind. It’s cheaper and it won’t go to waste, trust me on this.

I really love the fact that they are made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients, and appreciate this a whole lot. Knowing that everything at the factory is regulated according to modern standards, and especially that meat is being handled in the same way it is handled for people’s consumption, is very important to me as a pet owner.

I always try, whenever possible, to get my K9 organic and natural food instead of grabbing a bag of cheap brand in Costco. I do love the effects that natural and organic foods and treats have on my pets. So if giving your dog treats that are made with natural ingredients and no fillers is important to you, then I can’t see how you can ever be dissatisfied with products made by Zuke’s company (and I’m definitely not payed by them!)


Instinct Raw Dog Food Review Nature’s Variety Raw Boost

I was on a lookout to try a new brand of decent grain-free dog food for my old friend. Being considered as one of the better options available online and recommended to me by multiple dog owners, I went ahead and bought a bag of Nature’s Variety Raw Boost, and this is my Instinct raw dog food review.


Some dogs can be very caprice. I know my Labrador sure is! Oftentimes I’m finding myself trying to convince my old friend to eat something, and there are times when he wouldn’t eat at all for days. My aim was to get him excited about food that’s not treats. At one point, he was starting to lose weight; I decided that certain changes had to be made and one of those changes was switching to completely grain-free dog food, and that’s where Nature’s Variety chicken meal formula came to the rescue.

Made in the USA. A naturally preserved product; meets all AAFCO nutrient profiles.

So the first question that pops into your mind is “Is this product any different from other dog foods on the market?” I was pondering over the very same question initially. The answer is “yes, it is different” and my personal experience with it is actually very positive so far: since my first purchase, I’ve already bought 2 more bags. Raw Boost dog food is the first ever grain-free kibble that has freeze dried raw in the same bag.


Nature’s Variety is a company based in the United States. It specializes in the production of dog and cat food. They have a decent variety of grain-free pet foods and you have more than one option. So far, I’ve only tried the chicken meal formula because of multiple positive reviews, but I’m about to give their other foods a try (or rather, my dog is). Chicken is still the most popular though, so if you’re contemplating on trying the product, I’d recommend to go with the chicken one – it’s safest.

Key benefits of Instinct raw dog food

  • 100% positive reviews on the manufacturer’s website!
  • Improves dog’s bowel movements: One problem that my dog used to have with cheaper food brands was whatever happened after he consumed the food. I noticed a major improvement in the consistency of his number-two a few weeks after I began feeding him the Instinct raw dog food more often. Now the feces are firm and consistent, and look a lot healthier.
  • High quality ingredients:  I’ve grown to be picky about my dog’s food choices. Whenever it’s possible, excellent quality and decent ingredients are always of great concern.
  • Relief from allergies: May provide a relief for your dog from certain kinds of allergies.
  • High in protein: It’s grain-free and very high in protein, which is always good for any dog. High quality amino acids from proteins supply the necessary stuff to your dogs’ fur. My Labs’ hair seems healthier right now, and it looks much thicker and shinier too.
  • Moderate amounts of carbs: I was never comfortable with giving my dog foods that were too high in carbohydrates because he would then put on a bit of weight. Also, carbs aren’t generally as necessary for dogs as they are for humans. Nature’s Variety raw boost products pack just enough of them, it would seem.
  • Grain free: Many dogs are allergic to foods that contain grains; some veterinarians even say that we shouldn’t be feeding our canines any grains whatsoever.
  • No smell: Not a major factor, but some dog foods don’t really smell like roses, as you may know. However, this one in particular has almost no smell that would make you want to leave the room while your furry friend is devouring the good stuff.
  • Helps with dog’s weight problems (both ways): As mentioned before, my dog was looking thinner and weaker before (especially during winter time). This could be credited to his occasional disinterest with food. Since I switched over to Nature’s Variety stuff, his weight improved and there was also a noticeable improvement in his appearance and activity.
  • Freeze-dried pieces: Dogs have an affinity for raw food. Instinct raw dog food has freeze-dried raw pieces which supposedly taste great and are rich in valuable nutrients. It seems that most dogs take an instant liking to this dog food for this very reason.
  • Suitable for all dogs: Great for any kind of breed and dogs of all sizes. Make sure you check the ingredients list and know if your dog is allergic to anything on the list. So far, I haven’t seen any common pattern for allergic responses.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw dog food review


For some dog owners, their problem is a constant weight increase. In my case, it was different — I really needed my dog to eat properly. I used to use very cheap brands before, and many people recommended that I swap to a different kibble brand at first before doing anything else. I did, and then gave it 1 month to see if I notice any changes. First week was enough – my Lab was devouring the goods. Forward to more weeks, and I believe even his attitude has changed slightly.

Nature’s Variety as a company have built a reputation for themselves and in a way, I also wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Naturally, as we all often are, I was a little skeptical initially, but could you blame me?

After trying the Raw Boost product, I wished that I had bought this a lot sooner. Everything has changed for the better. My dog’s appetite improved and he seemed to be finally enjoying his meals, something that should’ve been happening a long time ago. I love watching and waiting for him to be done with his helping. He then often nudges me for a second serving, which never happens, of course. We have to be responsible!

I can’t say if it’s really because of the new rations I’m providing him with, but my Labrador is a lot more active these days, and is constantly running around being so full of energy. It’s far easier to enjoy your time with a dog who’s happy to be alive.

The packaging comes in sizes of 4.1 lb, 12.3 lb and 23.5 lb bags. I’d say don’t waste your time with smaller ones unless you want to test the waters first.

Amazon customers’ rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Luce’s review (read the full review): “My lab has been loving this food for about 3 months now. We struggled to find him a food that agreed well with his stomach, he has had chronic loose stools since he was a puppy, he is 2 now. We have tried the following foods and vet recommendations: Blue Buffallo Wilderness Chicken, Blue Buffallo Wilderness Duck, California Natural Lamb [...] None of these foods seemed to firm up his stools. After a couple months…” 5 out of 5

Bags’ review (read the full review): “The packing is top notch. The exceptionally quick delivery is so very convenient. I am a rescuer with 15 dogs who have been fed very low quality food by their previous ignorant owners. Instinct is a 5 star product which is not only very healthy but also extraordinary tasty!!!!” 5 out of 5

Huwe’s review (read the full review): “Right now it’s mixed with another kind that we won’t be buying again because he doesn’t like it… so I had to order this one early so he’d eat again (otherwise I was adding chicken broth to get him to eat the other kind lol) Now he gobbled up this one and left the other kind in the bowl! He was fine eating anything until…” 5 out of 5


Nutrition of Instinct raw dog food

Per one cup: 495 kcal
Per 2.2lbs/1kg: 4170 kcal

Crude Protein: 42.0% minimum
Crude Fat: 22.0% minimum
Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 0.3% minimum
Omega 6 Fatty Acids: 2.6% minimum
Crude Fiber: 4.5% maximum
Moisture: 8.0% maximum

Sodium: 0.51%
Potassium: 0.56%
Magnesium: 0.14%
Zinc: 271 ppm

Vitamin A: 14567 IU/kg
Vitamin B12: 0.14 ppm
Vitamin B6:8.35 ppm
Vitamin E: 197 IU/kg
Folic Acid: 5.70 ppm
Thiamine: 4.79 ppm


Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Tapioca, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid), Pumpkinseeds, Menhaden Fish Meal, Sun-Cured Alfalfa Meal, Montmorillonite Clay, Natural Chicken Flavor, Freeze Dried Chicken (including Freeze Dried Ground Chicken Bone), Freeze Dried Turkey, Freeze Dried Turkey Liver, Freeze Dried Turkey Heart, Vitamins (Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate, Biotin, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin A Acetate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Beta Carotene, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid), Minerals (Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide), Salt, Dried Kelp, Apples, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Inulin, Flaxseed Oil, Peas, Chicken Eggs, Ground Flaxseed, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Honey, Salmon Oil, Rosemary Extract, Olive Oil, Blueberries, Alfalfa Sprouts, Persimmons, Rosemary, Sage, Clove, Yeast Culture (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Dried Enterococcus faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus niger Fermentation Extract, Dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Extract.

For the interactive feeding guide and to calculate the amounts of food you’re about to give to your dog, try the special system on the manufacturer’s website.


What you need to know about Instinct raw dog food

Allergies. Though the chicken meal formula dry dog food is grain-free, some dogs do suffer from allergic reactions. Be sure to do your own research beforehand, and if nothing comes up, definitely monitor your dog’s behavior and health the first few days after you start feeding him with the new stuff.

Addictive. Most dogs tend to get addicted to the product because it tastes good or for whatever other reason. Be aware that your dog might become a picky eater because of this brand, so make sure that you’re prepared to either supply him with this food on a regular basis or don’t give it to him too often. You can also try mixing this dry dog food with other brands and foods, like Taste of the Wild stuff.

Portions. If you have a large dog, you better get ready to stock up on these. You might find yourself giving away too much food, but the 23.5 lbs bag is more than enough for smaller dogs though. In short – calculate future consumption before purchasing.

Different meal formulas

For this review, I used the Instinct raw boost grain-free Chicken Meal formula dry dog food, but there are other options available too (which I’m soon to try):

  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Beef and Lamb Meal
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit Meal
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Salmon Meal
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck and Turkey Meal

I’m mostly excited about Beef and Lamb meal option; hopefully my Lab is too.

And now, here’s a nice picture from the manufacturer’s website.


 Conclusion of Instinct Raw Dog Food Review

I would definitely go so far as to say that Instinct raw dog food by Nature’s Variety is the best food our dog has ever tried. Not only does he seem to enjoy it a whole lot, but it’s grain-free, high in protein, very nutritious and packs freeze-dried raw in the same bag. All for a reasonable price as well! I don’t see how can anybody go wrong with this particular choice.

Based on my own experience with their Chicken Meal formula, I’d say you are likely to see a noticeable improvement in your dogs’ mood, energy levels, hair and appetite. And although I can’t vouch for this, but it also apparently relieves dogs from certain allergies and boosts the immune system.


Now trust me when I say this: your dog will want more of it, so be aware of that. Do not overfeed them with this thing, otherwise you’ll turn your little friend into a picky eater (you do not want that!) My dog whimpers at me. It’s his way of emotionally blackmailing me into giving him more of that Raw Boost stuff. A larger (than 23.5 lbs) bag would be very convenient, actually.

Anyway, my conclusion of Nature Variety’s Instinct raw dog food is that I’m entirely satisfied with the product, and would definitely recommend it to other dog owners. I like only the best for my dog and I believe that at least this Chicken Meal formula delivered what it has advertised. I think it’s time to try out and review other recipes as well.


More Tips to Stop Dog Barking: Command Training

Dogs are good companions and are a delight to play with. There are times, though, when their incessant barking can become excessive, which can be annoying to downright irritating if not remedied. We’ve first discussed this topic last week, but here are some more tips for you to learn how to stop dog barking.

As we all already know, dogs bark for many different reasons: to warn of perceived intruders, strangers or some other danger, to ask for something (“request barking”), out of excitement, or other vague whims a dog might come up with out of sheer boredom.

Dogs bark as a way of expressing themselves, since they can’t talk or do sign language. If you try to listen carefully to your dog’s barking, you’ll find that different sounding barks have different meanings or expressions.

For instance, a dog’s bark sounds different when he’s excited, angry, or distressed. As you spend more time as a dog owner, it becomes easier to recognize these types of barks and you will be able to communicate with your pet better.

Training dogs to know when to stop barking, or produce just the right amount of barking, is possible — in fact, it could even be fun to do. First thing you have to do is to learn yourself how to train your pet to bark and stop barking on command. Here are two of the most common types of barking and how they may be controlled.

Request Barking

Some dogs bark when they’re excited, such as when anticipating a stroll outdoors or waiting for a meal. If your dog does too much of “request barking,” don’t give him what he wants until he stops what he’s been doing.

Your aim is to try to ignore him until he stops barking completely. Once he does stop, go to him and give him what he wants. He’ll eventually learn that excessive “request barking” is a waste of time and will find better and quieter ways to let you know if there’s something your dog is concerned about.

Watchdog Barking

Dogs should feel it’s their duty to warn their masters when there’s someone at the door. When your dog does not do that (or does it without you wanting him to), here is how you train him to bark with a command such as “Who’s there?” Try this:

  1. Ask a friend or a family member to stand outside the door or gate
  2. From inside, glance at the door and give your dog the command “Who’s there?”
  3. If your dog does not bark yet, then your friend should knock on the door loud enough for you and the dog to hear
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your dog barks. When he does, then make him stop with a quick “Enough!” or “Okay!”
  5. If he does listen to command, reward him with a treat and acknowledge his efforts

Do this a few more times until the dog learns the game and barking on command becomes a habit. Sooner or later, your dog will bark with the “Who’s there?” command without even any knocks on the door; you will also be able to stop dog barking once he hears the command “Okay!” Just make sure to reward him once in a while.

If he keeps barking after you tell him to stop, don’t give him any treats. He’ll quickly realize that any further barks won’t get him what he wants, and will decide it’s not worth the effort.

So before you resort to methods like electric shock collars and such, try these tips above first. This same training procedure can be modified to train your dog for other scenarios, such as when a vehicle is pulling up to your driveway. One thing you must consider though is how this piece of training can impact your dog’s social skills towards guests and strangers. But every dog is different, and it comes with practice.

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate Reviews

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate Review – Yes or No?

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate Review
Richell Freestanding Pet Gate

This review of Richell Freestanding Pet Gate will explore the dog gate’s pros and cons, and whether this could your one and only product for containing your puppy in the house.

ProductRichell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, Large, Autumn Matte Finish

Pros: Great as a decoration piece. No installation required. Easy to walk over without tripping or falling. Wide base. Freestanding with sides that assist in confining your dogs. Light and easy to carry. Can be assembled easily. Great to train dogs so they know of their boundaries. Sturdy and durable.


Cons: Not good for bigger dogs. May be too small for some dogs. Cannot be used outside the house. Won’t be easy to train dog if it learns to jump over the gate.

Read all customers’ reviews on Amazon!

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate Review

I own a Labrador. He’s still a puppy and he’s got a lot of energy. He’s adorable but he doesn’t know of his boundaries and that can prove to be a problem when I have guests over or when I am not around. He’s knocked over some of my valuable decoration pieces and that was when I thought it was time to teach him of his boundaries. I read some great reviews regarding the Richell Freestanding pet gate online and thought I would give it a shot. I got it delivered to my house. Initially I was disappointed because it was just so small but it was perfect for my puppy.

It was easier to train him with the assistance of this Richell Freestanding pet gate and he learned to stay behind the gate rather than to jump over it again and again. Now, he never attempts to go over it and it has been easier to housetrain him. I was also glad to see that it is easy to put the gate together and that it was easy for me or for others to pass over it too. It is high enough to train a puppy and low enough to walk over.

It also looks good wherever I choose to put it! You can use Richell Freestanding pet gate to divide a room too. It works really well as a room divider- not only would your dog be more aware of his boundaries but you could use this as a way to tell guests which part of the room is off-limits to them.

Richell Dog Gate Freestanding Pet Gate Review
Richell Dog Gate Freestanding Pet Gate Review

There were some features to the Richell Freestanding pet gate that I actually liked a lot:

Freestanding gate- you can place Richell Freestanding pet gate anywhere

Wide base- the base is wide enough for the Richell Freestanding pet gate to stand on its own.

Sturdy- you can knock Richell Freestanding pet gate over as many times as you want to and you would find that this gate does not break easily

Rubber feet- this prevents the Richell Freestanding pet gate from scratching the floors.

Hardwood finish- this is what makes the Richell Freestanding pet gate look so beautiful.

I have hardwood floors and I always ask people to walk in without their shoes on. So, imagine my relief when I found that this product came with rubber feet! The hardwood finish makes the Pet Gate look elegant no matter where you choose to place it.  I am also very clumsy and so, I’ve knocked the Richell Freestanding pet gate over quite a few times and yet it was in perfect condition.

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate Reviews
Richell Freestanding Pet Gate Reviews

There were a couple of features to the gate that I did not like much. For starters, the gate was too small after a while. I could train my dog when he was a puppy but Labradors grow so fast and so, it didn’t prove to be very useful after a while. Fortunately there was a way for me to fix this. So, what I did was that I elevated it a little more by placing rubber mats under the feet of the Richell Freestanding pet gate. This way I could still train my dog and though the rubber mats didn’t always look great, at least the gate would serve its purpose. This way your dog won’t be able to outsmart you or to find ways to jump over the gate either since it would be too high for him.

Secondly, I didn’t like that the Richell Freestanding pet gate was light enough for my dog to nudge it over. Again, there was a way to fix this: I just placed a heavy object in front of it so that it would be impossible for him to do so.

Conclusion of Richell Freestanding pet gate review

This product is definitely useful for a dog owner wanting to train his dog in regards to boundaries and the best part is that it looks so great wherever you put it. Admittedly, I was a little surprised that the Richell Freestanding pet gate would cost me so much but I’d choose boundaries over price any day.


It is so much easier to assemble than other gates and it is twice as attractive as plastic gates too. If you want to train your dog, you would benefit from buying this gate. It is very beneficial in the long run if you apply the quick-fix methods mentioned here. I would definitely recommend the Richell Freestanding pet gate to dog owners.

Precision Dog Kennel Review Great Crate

Precision Dog Kennel Review: Great Crate

Precision Dog Kennel Review Great Crate
Precision Dog Kennel Review Great Crate

This is a review of Precision Dog Kennel Great Crate. We’re looking at the pros and cons of this puppy crate. Take a look at all of the features and decide for yourself whether you want to make this purchase or not!

ProductPrecision Pet Two-Door Great Crate, Black

Pros: Holds up well. Great for dogs up to 90 lbs. Easy to set up or breakdown. Comfortable for dogs. Easy to fold up. Durable and long-lasting. Can be cleaned up without any difficulty. Spacious for large dogs. Sturdy and can be carried.


Cons: Dogs can wiggle the latches. May crack under weight.

Read all the reviews of customers on Amazon!

Precision Dog Kennel Review, Great Crate

I have a large Labrador that weighs about 60 lbs. I didn’t mind that he would come and sleep in my room from time to time but I would always be worried about what he might do to various objects in my house. There were a few times when I left Ray home only to come back and find out that a couple of my decoration pieces were laying on the floor.

I love my dog but he’s like a hurricane. It was a sin to leave him out in the open if I wasn’t around because he would always create a mess. He’s got way too much energy for me to handle and my decoration pieces had to take the brunt of it. This had happened too many times for me to ignore it anymore and so, I decided it was time to take action.

Precision Dog Kennel Reviews Great Crate
Precision Dog Kennel Reviews Great Crate

I came across the Precision Pet Two-Door Great Crate at a store and thought I would give it a try. What I liked about the Precision dog kennel the most was that I could ‘customize’ it for my dog.

His pillow, food and water would fit into the crate easily and he grew accustomed to it though it was difficult for him to get used to this change initially. The crate’s easy to use- all one needs to do is to lift the door a little, latch it and then, slide in the bolt and you’re done closing it! Anyone can use Precision dog kennel as a way to carry their dog too. It’s light and sturdy so it won’t bend or break under the weight. Since it has two doors it is convenient and you can fit in 2 dogs too. I was very pleased with the plastic tray in the crate- you won’t see too many scratches on it and it can be washed or cleaned without any difficulty too.

Since the wires are so close together your dog won’t be able to slip out of the Precision dog kennel Great Crate no matter how much he or she might try. The crate divider allows you to increase the amount of space within the crate as it grows. This way, your dog would have more room to play in.

Here some of the features of Precision dog kennel that I was really happy with

Measures 42 x 28 x 30- you can fit in dogs of all sizes in here. A Rottweiler, poodle, Labrador, German shepherd, Doberman, puppies and kittens can be fit into the cage easily.

Divider panel- this allows you to increase the size of the Precision dog kennel as your dog grows.

Spacious- there is more than enough room for a dog to move or play around in as well.

Two doors- these make the crate more accessible to your pet.

Heavy wire grating- this adds to the sturdiness of the crate.

Overall the crate is great for large or medium sized dogs and the various features mentioned above add to the utility and sturdiness of the crate. There were certain features (or a lack of) that I did not particularly like in the crate. For one, I intend to get a female dog for my Labrador and the crate, I fear, will not be enough for the both of them. Secondly, though it is easy to lock a dog into the crate, it could be just as easy for him to get out of it.

There were a few times when I got back home and saw that Ray had managed to get himself out of the cage. If your dog figures out how to do so, it may be the same as not having a crate. I was very disappointed that the lock was easy for the dog to open. I also found a couple of cracks in the cage- though I managed to get these fixed, I still didn’t want this to be an issue.

Conclusion of Precision dog kennel review, Great Crate

In conclusion, if you are looking for a crate to keep your dog in, this is the right crate for you. It is roomy and spacious enough and it usually does not crack under pressure.


The locks are usually good enough to keep the pet inside the crate unless he gets temperamental, anxious or bored. So be sure to keep a few toys in there if you plan on stepping out for a while. I do quite like the crate on the whole. It looks very smart and it is convenient to use too. I would recommend this product to dog owners.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300

PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews: PIF-300

PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews PIF-300
PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews PIF-300

This is PetSafe wireless fence reviews and we’re taking an extensive look at what the containment fence system can do for your puppy and you as a puppy owner. There’re are pros and cons to this.

ProductPetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300

Pros: Easy installation. No need to dig in a wire into your yard since it is wireless. Waterproof and so, can be used at all times regardless of the climatic conditions. Up to 5 levels of correction. Low battery alert. 30-second stimulation which shuts off on its own and starts for another 30 seconds after 5 minutes. Easy to train dogs with this device. Cost-effective and flexible.


Cons: Expensive. Replaceable parts are a bit too expensive. Circular radius safe zone which can lead to signal issues. Sometimes the collar beeps on its own when it’s not around the dog’s neck.

Read all the customer reviews on Amazon!

PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews: PIF-300

PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews PIF-300 2
PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews PIF-300

I do not like to use a leash on my dog, but I went ahead and read some of other PetSafe wireless fence reviews online. I still believe that not only does it seem cruel but it aggravates him further and he tries to free himself off the leash from time to time which can get tiring for me. I wanted to enjoy my walks with my dogs but it felt like I was involved in a round of tug-of-war whenever we went outside. Since he’s adventurous I’d often worry when he’d wander off on his own or when he would run after a cat.

This was when I read all the PetSafe wireless fence reviews considered using the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System. I figured I didn’t have much to lose and my dog would love to be off of his leash. The collar worked like magic and I have no reason to worry any more. It only took a week for my dog to learn of his boundaries with this system. The collar and the flags helped me in training him well.

The collar fits dogs of all sizes. I have a Labrador though one may opt to use this on beagles, poodles and smaller dogs too. Apart from the pros mentioned above, here are some features that I loved myself:

Waterproof- My dog loves to play around in the rain and since the collar is waterproof I don’t need to take it off him. The receiver, being waterproof, won’t get destroyed and can withstand water in large quantities.

5 levels of correction- If your dog has the tendency to go beyond the boundaries set for him often you can increase the correction levels. The correction is static and won’t harm him in any way though it would startle him. This is better than keeping him on a leash at all times!

Warning tone- You’ll read in other PetSafe wireless fence reviews The beeper goes off to warn your dog that he is approaching the boundary.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Review PIF-300

180-foot diameter- This can be adjusted. Personally I liked this specific feature because when my dog gets extremely excited he can cross the boundaries even if I try to get him to come back to me.

Wireless- I have no issues with collars that come with wires but having to dig up the ground to place the wire can be a tedious task. I love that I need not do so with this product.

Easy to set up- All you need to do is to keep the transmitter someplace safe in your house. Check out some of the other customer PetSafe wireless fence reviews on this.

Admittedly I was a little skeptical about having to go from a leash to a collar of this sort. I feared something would happen to my dog or that the transmitter might not work. Fortunately, everything worked well and it’s so much more fun and easy to take a stroll with him now.

Initially, it was difficult for him to understand what the beep meant and I felt cruel about setting the collar at high correction levels because he would get all confused. However, the system and the flags worked to my advantage. I was able to define the boundaries for him and now, he knows of his limits. Also, I put a lot of effort into building my garden and I was not ready to dig the wire into the ground but was so happy to learn that the Wireless Pet Containment System didn’t require me to do so either.

What does the package consist of?

The package consists of flags that can be used to define boundaries. Apart from this it comes with an AC adapter and a wall-mounted transmitter. You would have to plug the adapter into the transmitter for the latter to work. You would also find a training manual and extra collar probes.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300

Factors you should consider for PetSafe wireless fence reviews

While I liked the system overall, there are a couple of things that you should consider before purchasing the product.

  • Wall-mounted transmitter- The transmitter is quite big and since it’s a wall-mounted one you would have to ensure that it’s in a safe place or it could fall and break or get affected in other ways. I would have preferred a wireless one.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries- The batteries cannot be recharged and I find myself having to get new batteries once every week.

Conclusion of PetSafe wireless fence reviews: PIF-300


This really is all there is to the system. Would I call it the best containment system? Yes, I would because it is so easy to use and it has helped me train my dog much better and faster than I was able to do so with a leash.

Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home Review

Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home Review

Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home Review
Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home Review

This is a review of Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home. We’re going to look at this dog crate’s pros and cons, and see if this product is worth to be purchased with confidence.

ProductPetnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home 

Pros: Lightweight. Easy to carry. Durable. Folds and opens without need for tools. Easy to open and close. Comfortable for pet. Can be cleaned easily. Made of non-toxic material.


Cons: No layer that can be removed on the bottom. Can easily be destroyed by aggressive or untrained dog.

Read customers reviews on Amazon!

Petnation Port A Crate E2 Full Review

I own a puppy beagle and he’s just an adorable ball of energy. Since he’s so energetic and I have no one else to take good care of him, I prefer taking him around with me on the weekends. Also, I don’t mind that he jumps on my bed to sleep every now and then, but it would have been better for him if he had his own room or something similar to a room. This was when I came across the Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home at a vet’s clinic. The owner of the dog told me about it and so, I bought one for Bruno.

I have never regretted buying this little ‘room’ of Petnation Port A Crate E2 for my dog. It’s spacious enough for him and Bruno loves to sleep inside it. I don’t even have to tell him to go into the crate because he goes on his own. I would still leave the crate open just to see if he would jump on to my bed. He has completely stopped doing so! The Petnation Port A Crate is quite light. So carrying him around is not a problem at all. It would barely take me a minute to set it up for him and washing the bed isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be either. I have to admit that I was worried because many manufacturers use toxic materials to make such crates or beds and they don’t inform consumers of the existence of such material but I was happy to see that this wasn’t going to be a problem for my dog. If I need to make a quick run to the store I’ll just keep my dog in the crate so that he doesn’t break everything around him and I come back to find that he’s perfectly happy in his crate.

Here were some features of Petnation Port A Crate that I really liked about the crate:

Orthopedic pet bed- the bed is very comfortable and any dog of 35 lbs or less can sleep on it.

Water-resistant- since the Petnation Port A Crate is resistant to water you can clean it up without worrying about the product getting ruined by the water in any way.

Foldable- it is easy to set the crate up and to fold it and store it away.

Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home Review
Petnation Port A Crate E2 Pet Home Review

Steel frame endoskeleton- the steel frame is great for strength and it supports the fabric so well.

Mesh windows- this permits airflow in and out of the crate which means your dog can breathe easily and this also gets rid of any (possible) smells or odors inside the crate.

Pet-friendly- the crate won’t harm your pet in any way because there are no sharp objects, zippers or anything of the sort inside.

Spacious- the Pet Home is spacious enough for a small or medium-sized dog. You could fit two small dogs into it.

High-quality fabric- the fabric is sturdy and doesn’t tear easily. You could carry the crate around without worrying about it tearing up in any way.

Accessible- if you need to put in a bowl of water or some dog food into the Petnation Port A Crate E2 you’ve just got to open the top of the crate and put it in there.

The crate was more like a room for my dog. It was as if he had his very own ‘chilling’ spot!

There were some features that I didn’t like. For starters, I wish there were some sort of a removable layer at the bottom so that if my dog should fall ill he wouldn’t create any ‘mess’ that could stink up the entire crate. Once or twice he fell ill and so, I’d make him sleep outside to avoid this.

Also, if your dog gets aggressive or anxious the Petnation Port A Crate can easily be destroyed if your dog bit it or scratched at it persistently. Lastly, there was a weird smell to the crate when it came but that went away after a week or so.

Conclusion of Petnation Port A Crate E2

Despite the cons mentioned above I would still recommend you to buy the Pet Home for your dog. It is just the thing one needs for a small or medium-sized dog. The Petnation Port A Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home can be used anywhere at any time. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


It is easy to clean, carry and use and so, I don’t see why one shouldn’t purchase it for their dogs. However, if you have a temperamental dog you might want to think before buying this product because he/she would be able to bite through it easily.

Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock

Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock

Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock 2
Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock

This is a review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock, various sizes. We’ll take a look at its pros and cons so that you can see whether you should buy it or not.

ProductPetego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock

Pros: Easy to clean. Will not tear when scratched. Durable. Holds up well. Protects from odor and dog smell and damage. Tough and strong.


Cons: Does not fit well in all cars. Does not keep dog fur and hair off of seats. Can be difficult to maintain.

Read customer reviews on Amazon!

Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock

Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock 3

As much as I love my Labrador I have got to say that getting rid of dog smell can be a difficult task. I had tried using air fresheners but those never worked. The problem was that the smell was in the seats. I would have to take my dog with me whenever was going out of town. My job demands that I travel to and from the city I reside in often and leaving my dog at home was not an option. Another issue was that r my dog would dig his nails into the car seat and I had to get the covers changed quite a few times.  It would have been so much easier if I could get something to prevent this from happening to my car seats. I love my dog but I also love my car!

So, I started looking for car covers that my dog wouldn’t be able to scratch but then, I came across the Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock. It seemed like it could fit into my backseat and that it was comfortable. I decided to give it a shot. My dog loved it! He was able to fit in the backseat well and the dog odor was no longer a problem. Now, whenever I go somewhere, he can eat, sleep or sit in the backseat without me having to check it from time to time. I was skeptic that the Pet Protector wouldn’t be big enough for him but I was glad to see that it was perfect for him despite his size.

Here are some features I found to be particularly useful in this product:

Adjustable belts- This allows one to fit the Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock into various cars and models. Since I would go out of town for work, I could take any car I wished to from the office and I found that this fit well in all models.

Canvass-like material- The material used to make the Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock makes it easy for one to maintain it for a long time. Cleaning it isn’t an issue either.

Non-skid underside- No matter how many twists and turns may come your way the Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock will not skid and slide. It is soft and holds on to the backseat well which means your dog won’t fall off the seat either!

Hammock style protector- Your dog won’t fall off the seat whenever you hit the breaks or such like.

Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock
Review of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock

51 3/4 inches by 63 5/8 inches- This makes the protector fit for dogs of all sizes. You could use this for a Chihuahua, Saint Bernard, Labrador, poodle or any other dog you may have.

Though the Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock was great on the whole, there were certain issues I had with it. For starters, dog hair was still a problem. I would have to use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to get rid of hair on the seat. This became an even bigger problem when my dog started shedding more hair because that meant I’d have to spend more time cleaning up the car. This was a pain for me because I had to do this every day since there was no one to take care of my dog.

Secondly, the Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock fit most cars well but there were a few cars that they could not fit into. I had to make adjustments accordingly seeing as how the protector wasn’t available in any other size. It would have been better if the product could cover the entire seat rather than a certain area of it. If you have one big dog or two small ones this might suffice. Otherwise it can be difficult to seat more than one dog in the backseat.

Thirdly, most of the cars I take with me have vents in the backseat. The protector usually covers these and this is usually a problem in the summers especially if you have a large or hairy dog.

Conclusion of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock review

If you are the kind of person who likes to travel with your pet dog, the Car Seat Pet Protector would prove to be very useful to you. Though I don’t like having to get rid of dog hair in my car, I guess that’s just something I will have to put up with.


The pros of Petego Dog Car Seat Protector Hammock outweigh the costs. This is just the product that you need for a clean car, without odor or scratch marks on the seat. I would recommend the product to anyone with a pet.

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

Review: Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest
Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

This is the review of puppy supplement Review: Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest of it. How good it is, what’s so bad about it, and whether you should buy it.

ProductNutramax Cosequin DS Double-Strength Chewable Tablets.

Pros: Good for joint stiffness. Works well as a painkiller for dogs. Can cure dogs’ pains and limps completely. Easy to feed to dog due to good taste. Works well for dogs of all sizes, ages and types. Treats pains fast.


Cons: Can cause vomiting in dogs. Could cause dehydration if vomiting continues.

All Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects are mentioned at the bottom of this review.

Read customer reviews on Amazon!

Review: Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest

I am the owner of a Labrador and my dog happens to be 7 years old and I decided to look into Cosequin for dogs side effects. Though I was feeding him well he started limping after a while. I figured something might have been wrong in the food I was providing him with. So I changed his dog food and bought him dog biscuits for additional strength too.

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest 3

None of that worked and I started to worry for him even more. I wanted to help my dog and get him healed fast because it was so painful to watch him walk and whimper from time to time. Sometimes he would whimper too and I couldn’t take him with me when I would go for a walk either. He became inactive and started gaining weight and that would have only made matters worse for him, so I decided to look into Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects

That was when I thought it was time to get him checked. The vet told me that my dog was limping due to a stiffened joint in his leg. Evidently increasing his nutritional intake would not help because this had nothing to do with my dog’s diet or food. This had something to do with my dog’s body from within. This did make sense because it just didn’t make sense for my dog to develop this problem as he seemed perfectly fine with the same diet earlier on.

I thought the only way to heal my dog was surgery or to let him be but the vet told me only to go for those options if medicines didn’t work, even though there were possible Cosequin for dogs side effects. I was more than happy to hear this and I bought Nutramax Cosequin because my vet insisted that I give it a shot. After merely 14 days my Labrador was more active and he had stopped limping completely. Walking became easier for him and he was as active as he ever had been before. He is capable of running and walking long distances with me.

I stopped feeding the medicine to him 2-3 days after he recovered and my dog is perfectly fine now. I was so happy to have discovered the Nutramax Cosequin.

Review Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and the Rest 2

How you must administer the medicine to a dog

These tablets can be given to your dog directly seeing as how they are chewable but if you find it difficult to do so, you could just crush it into some dog food. It would be better for you to put it into “soft” dog food as opposed to putting the tablets into dog biscuits. Ensure that you crush it well because if your dog is not used to the taste he might push his food away.

This happened with me twice. So, I crushed the tablet and mixed it in a little water before mixing it with his dog food. He downed his food immediately and never noticed that there was anything different about it. Also, I gave him one tablet a day around lunchtime and it worked well for him.

So, what are the Cosequin for dogs side Effects? Find them below.

Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects 

There were no side-effects to the medicine though my vet told me not to give more than one pill a day to my dog because, in his words, “It DOES say double strength after all and overdoing it could harm him”.

According to the vet the medicine does not agree with some dogs because of which they may start vomiting. I took his advice and the medicine worked well on my dog. Read other customer reviews to find out more on Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects and make sure it’s all a-okay.


Conclusion of Cosequin for Dogs Side Effects 

I would definitely recommend the medicine to anyone with a limping dog or one that is experiencing any sort of pain in its joints. It works like magic.